Different Ways to Enjoy Staminade

1. Staminade with Chilled Water

The most popular of our list and the one we have on our tub directions. Mix 1 scoop into 250ml of chilled water and stir until completely dissolved. You can refrigerate this made up Staminade and drink within 24 hours. It’s the most well known way to drink Staminade.



2. Staminade with Hot Water

Perfect for the cooler months, aka Winter! A scoop of Staminade with hot water from the boiled kettle is going to keep you warm, hydrated and feeling great!


3. Staminade with Coconut Water

Who loves coconut water? Add a scoop of Staminade and you’ve got yourself a super tasty drink that is going to give you so much goodness! For everyone in Australia where it’s Summer all year round, this is a fantastic option. We’re talking to you Darwin!



4. Staminade with Sparkling Water

Sometimes we want a bit of sparkle in our lives! Have you tried a scoop of Staminade in sparkling water? It takes so good and with a bit of fizz, it adds to the appeal!


5. Staminade with Milk

Yep, you heard it right! Staminade is a great one with milk. You’ve told us you love it with cold milk. If you drink it with milk, take a photo on social media and tag us so we can see.


More Recipes!

Want more ideas? Check out the winner of our Staminade Potion Competition with the Summer Str-orb-inade by Ineke M. Staminade, water, strawberries and strawberry sorbet. It is amazing! Check it out here: https://staminade.com.au/our-750-staminade-potion-competition-winner/

Do you have a Staminade recipe we haven’t included? Feel free to share with us in the comments below or on social media!