For all those who enjoy running or planning to compete in popular distance races, 5K or beyond, we have you covered.

What you do in the hours leading up to a race dictates the nature of your performance or even non-performance to a certain extent. Your body can only perform according to how you treat it and properly prepare it for sustained endurance.

Elite runners understand the importance of preparation before a race, whether you are planning to race or just do casual distance running, you should grasp the most crucial metrics for success. Sport drinks like Staminade aid in the hydration and recovery of your body, they also supply vital electrolytes and magnesium to fuel your system.

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Running Preparation

For all you avid runners gearing up to challenge yourself in the next 5k contest or marathon, how you fuel up in the days prior to the event will determine your output. It’s a smart idea indeed to stock up on carbohydrates. In order to perform for a sustained period, your carb-load should comprise mainly of complex carbs, foods such as whole grain breads and pasta. By loading up on complex carbs, you can ensure your body can fully process them to help you perform for a sustained period. It’s vital that you take in enough fluids too. While running, you need to ensure that you stay properly hydrated.

Fuel for the Run

The common advice if you are planning a tasking run is to eat carb-rich meals or snacks as we alluded to earlier. All you pasta lovers out there, it’s your time to load up. A high carb diet spikes glucose in the bloodstream, causing an insulin release that signals muscle cells to soak up and use the glucose for fuel. Researchers have also discovered evidence that there may be benefits to ditching the standard banana and toast. According to one study in a small group of college runners, eating a meal high in fat before exercise increased fat-burning and boosted performance.

Recovery after a Run

What you do after a run is equally important. Far too many people overlook the importance of post-run recovery and rest. When you push your body for sustained periods beyond its usual comfort zone, it’s vital to let it recover effectively. You only have one body, you need to treat it correctly. After your run, take the time to do some stretching of your joints so you can enjoy deep rest after your strenuous exertion. Consume your carbs and fluids for full recovery after running. Sport drinks like Staminade will replenish your body with electrolytes to aid in your recovery. Taking in magnesium also helps balance your body. Paying attention to proper hydration and recovery will enhance and sustain your performance.