staminade tub lemon lime flavour product



Staminade’s zingy lemon lime fusion powder is the original Australian electrolyte drink with a unique thirst-quenching formulation. Not too overwhelming in taste, refreshing with a taste of real lemon.

Did you know Staminade is Gluten Free? Thats right! All flavours of Staminade Powder are Gluten Free.

Check out WILD BERRY RUSH flavour or our fresh TRACE 72 BLUE OCEAN flavour.

Lemon Lime flavour is available at both Coles and Woolworths stores across Australia.

 staminade wild berry and blue ocean

Let us know what you think of our original flavour, Lemon Lime Staminade Powder..


  1. Karyn

    Where are the ingredients and nutritional values for each product please?


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