About us


Staminade is Australia’s original sports drink. We launched it in 1970 but our vibe has stayed the same through the years. Our aim has always been to make sports drinks that work with your body, don’t make you jittery or cause that horrible crash and burn effect. We’re proud to have stayed true to these values across 50+ years.


Did you know Staminade was the first ready-to-drink sports drink sold in Australia with magnesium lactate in its formula?

Why are we so mad about magnesium?

  • It’s one of the four most abundant elements found in the body
  • Essential for normal cell functions
  • Helps cells breakdown sugars to produce energy for cell functions
  • Plays a vital role in the body’s energy metabolism
  • It’s lost when the body sweats
  • Helps recovery from muscle cramps

Endurance athletes may be at an increased risk of magnesium deficiency through sweat and urine loss. It’s crucial for them to maintain their levels as a lack of magnesium can cause health and performance problems.


Let’s get a bit more technical for the folks who love more detail! All sports and energy drinks contain sugars, but these sugars are not made equal. Many add empty calories and cause a crash and burn effect.

Staminade is different because it uses two types of sugars that work together to make sure there’s no sugar highs and lows. Instead there’s a steady supply of it to help you to keep going.

Staminade powder contains two sugars – 4.4 percent sucrose and 1.6 per cent glucose (when made according to directions). These two sugars complement each other – glucose gives instant energy and sucrose breaks down slowly for sustained energy.