Sports Drink for Cyclists

Cycling preparation is just as important as the exercise itself, understanding the importance of hydration and recovery will enhance your performance, not to mention the overall experience. The right sports drink, electrolytes and magnesium also come into play, if you push your body hard, you also need to fuel it properly. Most people consider preparation or recovery as a mere afterthought, however, in order to ensure that you can cycle in a healthy way, you should pay particular attention to your body so you can perform at peak. We have a collection of articles that deliver insights about food, training and fluids, that you can access through our blog.

Cycling Preparation

Food, training and fluids are all vital components to a healthy exercise. Several hours before cycling unless it’s very early in the morning, you want to drink enough water to sustain you for the ride. Eating some carbs and protein also provides valuable fuel for your body. Depending on the weather in your area, if it’s a very hot day, you want to drink more water and also drink more as you cycle along the way. During your ride, your body needs to be properly hydrated especially if you are just a beginner starting to learn the limits of your capabilities. If you are just beginning to ride, you need to carefully push your body beyond its usual comfort zone. Start with easy cycling, no need for steep hills until you can build up your endurance and stamina. Be sure to stretch before you jump on your bike and take off.

Fuel for the Ride

As we alluded to earlier, fuel for your ride is also important. When your body is burning calories, it’s important for you to have the calories in the first place for it to burn. Eat plenty of carbs and protein before you begin, also nowadays, power bars and other nutrition bars have become increasingly popular. These nutrition bars are able to deliver the right nutrients your body requires to perform for a sustained period. Consume the right food and fill your body with fluids so you can enjoy the rigorous exercise. Your body is indeed a temple, take good care of it so you can be rewarded with high performance.

Recovery after a Ride

If you ask elite athletes, they will tell you that recovery after an strenuous exercise or workout is just as important. After all, cycling is what you enjoy and love to do, therefore, you need to feed your body the proper nutrients to perform and also recovery effectively too. Lack of preparation or ample recovery leaves you susceptible to injury or some type of overtraining. The last thing you want to do is hurt yourself. It’s equally important to stretch before cycling and post-workout too. Stretching is very important for all the beginners out there who are just getting into the swing of things. Sport drinks like Staminade help replenish your body with electrolytes, magnesium is also important for balance. Understanding the importance of hydration and recovery will enhance your cycling experience.



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Staminade is proud to sponsor Sydney Uni Staminade in 2020




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2016 and 2017

Sydney Uni Velo – SUVelo

Staminade are a proud sponsor of Sydney Uni Velo

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Photo: Brooke Hanson OAM