Why We Love Staminade

There are many reasons to enjoy Staminade sports drink. Here are our favourite 5 reasons to love Staminade.

1. Staminade Tastes Amazing

The Lemon Lime fusion flavour tastes delicious and is packed full of flavour. It’s got a zingy, refreshing taste that works in cold or hot water. Staminade can be enjoyed in so many ways which we outlined in an earlier blog post ‘5 Ways to Drink Staminade’.


2. Staminade Helps You Recover

From intense exercise and hot weather conditions to hangovers and marathons, if you drink Staminade you are going to help with rapid replenishment of those fluids and minerals lost. Not only that, it’s going to help stop those nasty muscle cramps and fatigue. You can check out in our ’10 Signs You May Be Dehydrated’ things to look out for that may indicate you need assistance in your recovery to hydration.


3. Staminade is Australian Made & Australian Owned

That’s right, Staminade is made in Australia and is an Australian family-owned company called Steric Trading Pty Ltd who are based in Sydney’s western suburbs. While Staminade originally hit the shelves in the late seventies, Steric have been producing Staminade since 2000 at their Villawood plant in Sydney and it’s one of the best accredited food and beverage sites in Australia.

Did you know Staminade was the first sports product on the Australian market?  You may even remember tennis champion John Newcombe appearing in the advertising for the product, moustache and all!


4. Staminade Has Added Magnesium

Aside from helping with the recovery and prevention of muscle cramping and fatigue, magnesium also plays a key role in the metabolism of the body. Did you know magnesium is one of the four most abundant elements found in the body? You definitely want sufficient levels of magnesium as its essential for your normal body function and energy metabolism and helps cells utilise the sugars to produce vital energy for the cells mechanisms to work at their optimum. If you are sweating, you are losing magnesium, along with other electrolytes, which all need to be replaced.  Unfortunately, water alone cannot do this, as we explain in our post ‘Why Water Alone is not Enough to Stay Hydrated’.


5. Staminade Remembers It’s Always Hot Somewhere in Australia

Whist we’re in the midst of Winter and feeling the cold in many parts of Australia, Staminade doesn’t forget that there is always somewhere in Australia that is hot and you need to stay hydrated in the heat! Those in Darwin and Kununurra, we are talking to you! While it’s snowing in some areas across Australia, it’s in the mid 30s in the northern parts of our beautiful country. Staminade remembers you need to stay hydrated and be sure you have your magnesium intake in the Winter months too for all of you in the cold. We talked about it in our post, ‘Why Magnesium is Important in Winter’. Whether it’s hot or cold, we’ve got you covered!