We Have a Winner!

What a fantastic lot of entries for our Staminade Potion Competition we held over January. We loved seeing all your Staminade recipes and there were so many tasty and refreshing drinks in there. There were even some jelly variations! After much deliberation, we have chosen our winner. Ineke M gave us the Summer Str-orb-inade, a Summer refreshment featuring Lemon Lime Staminade, water, strawberries and strawberry sorbet. Super easy to make in the blender and served over ice, it makes a delicious drink.

Summer Str-orb-inade


  • 1 scoop Lemon Lime Staminade
  • 250ml water
  • 4 strawberries
  • 3 scoops strawberry sorbet



  1. Add all the above to a blender and blitz till well mixed.
  2. Serve over ice for the ultimate summer refreshment!


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All those who entered will receive their FREE Staminade hat in the coming weeks.


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For those of you who missed out on your hat in the January competition, we have a NEW competition running for February where all entrants receive a FREE Staminade hat, along with a chance to WIN $1,000.

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