If you’re a gym junkie and love sipping on sports drinks to keep hydrated while you sweat it out, Staminade has you covered.

What you do in the hours before hitting the gym dictates how well or not you’ll be able to keep up with others in an intense spin class or how long you can workout. Your body can only perform according to how you treat it and prepare it for sustained endurance.

Regular gym goers know the importance of pre-workout prep. Sports drinks like Staminade help in hydrating your body and recovery. They also replenish vital electrolytes and magnesium so you’re able to feel amazing long after your workout is over!

Need more tips? Check out some articles below to help you get the most out of your gym sessions.


Carbohydrates are the essential resources that your body requires to work at its best. The Glycemic Index is one method of categorising carbs. The Glycemic Index categorises foods based on how quickly they digest and how quickly blood glucose levels rise. Low GI or complex carbohydrates should be ingested several hours before the workout to maximise your muscle glycogen stores (stored energy in muscles) for energy supply during activity. Most people do not devote enough time to preparation before engaging in hard activity. You know, it’s a lot better. Consume a sufficient amount of carbohydrates and protein to aid muscle regeneration.


As we mentioned earlier, if you’re planning a day at the gym, you should consume carb-rich meals or snacks. It’s time to stock up on pasta. A high-carbohydrate meal raises blood glucose levels, promoting insulin secretion, which tells muscle cells to take up and utilise glucose for fuel. Researchers have also identified evidence that avoiding the typical banana and toast may have health benefits.


What you do after a workout is just as essential. Many people underestimate the need of post-workout recuperation and rest. When you push your body beyond its normal comfort zone for extended periods of time, it’s critical to allow it to recuperate properly. You only have one body to work with. You must take proper care of it. After your rigors exercise, take the time to stretch your joints so you may enjoy deep slumber. Consume carbohydrates and drinks to ensure a complete recovery. Electrolytes will be replenished in your body by sports drinks like Staminade, which will aid in your recuperation. Magnesium helps to keep your body in equilibrium. Your performance will be enhanced and sustained if you pay attention to good hydration and recovery.