Remember when we found all those pictures of exhausted, sweaty women with their hands mysteriously fused to their heads?  

We’ve since learned it’s not just athletic women who suffer from this debilitating condition – men can get it too.

It can strike after a run,

in the middle of the road,

on your exercise bike, kinda melancholy…

or in the bush.

Sometimes it just makes you feel ashamed

or makes you long for happier times: “oh for the days
when my hand wasn’t stuck to my head”

That’s when you need a good friend to lean on

Or a good fence.

So you can face the world with a cheeky smile,

your inner wrist turned proudly out for the world to see…

“I’ve got my hand fused to my head – what of it mister?!!”

To all our head-hand fused team-mates, all the best from Team Staminade