We uncovered something disturbing recently. When you type the search terms “exhausted athlete” or “sweaty runner” into a stock image library suddenly all these women show up with their hands melded to their foreheads.  But don’t take our word for it…
“Goodness it’s hot and I’ve been exercising hard. 
Here’s my hand stuck to my forehead to prove it.”

“Now I’m seriously sweaty and exhausted. 
Look at my simulated sweat patch.”
“Who are you to judge, so-called tree. I totally worked 
really, really hard on my simulated sweat coverage”
“My exhaustion and sweatiness are an existential dilemma 
on a level far beyond your understanding.”
“Fake blood. Top that.”

“Though I may not look even slightly sweaty or exhausted, 
my melded hand says otherwise.
“Sweaty? Exhausted? Totes am.

Think you can do better? Please add alternative captions in the comments. Or maybe you’ve even found some more melded hands you can share with us on Facebook – you can never have too many.