How Electrolytes Help Flu Recovery

by | 23 Mar 2020 | sports drink

​No one likes having a cold, let alone the flu, but generally the healthier you are the quicker you recover. Inspiration right there hey? But seriously, if you’re unlucky enough to get ill, all you want to do is to get better as quickly as possible. It’s a no brainer, and that’s why you should make sure to take on plenty of electrolytes. You don’t always have to be running a marathon to best make use of a sports drink or two, and here’s why…


What Are Electrolytes & What Do They Do?


Electrolytes: tiny particles that carry electrical charges. They’re salts of various types (the most common being sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium) that work together to help maintain proper bodily functions such as keeping your muscles and organs working effectively…somewhat essential some would say. They’re also slightly vital to digestion, neurotransmitting, energy production, and many more processes in our body that help us to hang on in there.


Electrolytes & the Flu


‘Why are you telling me about electrolytes and what’s the flu got to do with it?’

Good question.

Your bodies strive to maintain a state of equilibrium. You regulate your temperature, water, pH balance, and electrolyte levels. As you take in food and liquids, you take the nutrients from them and get rid of the waste. Through simple respiration and perspiration, a healthy person can lose over half a gallon of water each day, and that’s not even someone doing exercise!

Well, what happens when you get something like the flu? Vomiting, diarrhoea, sweating profusely…or something along those lines. In all three of those symptoms your body is losing fluids, a lot of fluids, and with these fluids is electrolytes. Remember when we said electrolytes are salts of various types…well, that’s why your sweat tastes of salts – because electrolytes are pouring out of you! Sorry, a little graphic, but you get the idea.


hot water electrolyte drink with staminade


How Electrolytes Help You Recover from the Flu


Losing fluids in such quantities can cause dehydration and an electrolyte imbalance; not good news. So, if you are ill, seek to replace lost electrolytes through an electrolyte drink like Staminade sports powder for instance; not only does it contain high levels of Magnesium (one of the four main electrolytes), but also glucose to help replenish your energy levels and get you on the fast-track to recovery. Alongside this, make sure you eat a balanced diet of healthy, natural foods that are high in electrolytes – remember that state of equilibrium your body is striving for!

Despite all this talk about electrolytes, they should not of course be considered a cure for the flu, no. Electrolytes should be taken on board to ensure any dehydration or electrolyte imbalance that has come from vomiting, diarrhoea or sweating is replaced, and that the road to recovery can be as fast and straight forward as possible.

So, there’s a few tips on recovery from the flu, now how about if you’ve got man flu? Uh oh.


Staminade Tip: Have the Staminade powder with hot water. It’s great for when you’re feeling unwell.


Main photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels


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