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Benefits of Electrolytes for Endurance Athletes

by | 12 Apr 2021 | electrolytes

Endurance athletes are prone to overuse injuries that occur when their bodies are unable to properly recover in between workouts.


While proper warm-ups and cool-downs, as well as allowing any injuries to heal properly, can help prevent or minimise this. But caring for your body during your workout can as well.


Replenishing your body’s electrolytes is one great way that endurance athletes can boost performance and help their bodies recover faster. Keep reading to learn a few of the benefits of electrolytes.


Replenish Your Body’s Electrolytes

Your body already produces electrolytes. These don’t necessarily make your body run. But they do help it to run properly.


Electrolytes are minerals that exist in your bloodstream and bodily fluids. These minerals stimulate voltages that carry nerve and muscle impulses.


Your body is pretty great at producing electrolytes on its own. And when you’re taking a nice walk or doing some light yoga, your electrolyte levels will likely remain constant on their own.


However, when you begin to sweat, that’s no longer the case.


Intense exercise, especially when temperatures rise, causes you to sweat out your electrolyte supply faster than your body can keep up. Electrolytes for endurance athletes allow them to maintain their electrolyte levels so that they can perform at the highest level.


Maintain Fluid Balance

In addition to maintaining your electrolyte levels, electrolyte drinks can also help you maintain your fluid balance. These beverages hydrate better than even plain water can.


Help Your Muscles Perform and Recover Better

The best electrolyte drinks contain an essential additive; magnesium lactate.


Magnesium is important because it helps our cells utilise sugars and produce the energy we need for quick metabolism and muscle recovery.


Water might keep you hydrated and keep your muscles functioning, but it doesn’t replace the other elements that your body is sweating out. As these elements, including magnesium, leave our bodies, our muscles don’t function as well. This can lead to muscle fatigue and painful muscle cramps.


Many sports drinks say that they contain electrolytes. But that doesn’t mean that they feature magnesium. Many skip this important ingredient, making them less effective.

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Give Your Brain a Boost

Our body’s natural electrolytes help us to maintain neural function. So, another benefit of adding electrolytes to your drink while you exercise is also great for maintaining your neural function during an intense workout.


Reaping the Benefits of Electrolytes

There is no shortage of sports drinks on the market today that promise to help athletes improve their performance. But not all are created equal.


Many of these drinks feature more sugar than they do beneficial ingredients. And while they might have electrolytes listed on the bottle, few truly allow you to reap the benefits of electrolytes.


If you want to give your body a boost during even the toughest workouts, check out our flavours to find the right sports powder for you.

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