Magnesium has been one of the most magnificent minerals found as a great asset to our bodies. In fact, it is the fourth most abundant mineral in the world ensuring good health for each one of us. It’s essential for normal body function, helping cells utilise sugars to produce vital energy for cells’ mechanisms to work at optimum. It plays a vital role in the body’s energy metabolism.

The main source of magnesium is found in all unprocessed foods. Grain, dark leafy vegetables, fruit, nuts and legumes are all great sources of magnesium and although it is abundant with its presence in whole foods, many people consider magnesium as a priority supplement for maintaining their optimal health.

It is a common fact that we lose large amounts of magnesium after doing exercise or when we sweat excessively and with our hot weather in Australia, particularly in the summer months this is quite evident. During sweating magnesium is lost along with other electrolytes. You may also be aware that magnesium is known to help recovery from muscle cramps. Scientists believe that endurance athletes may be at heightened risk of magnesium deficiency and consequent health and performance problems as a result of metabolic response to exercise, as well as losses incurred via sweat and urine.

Other cases of magnesium being lost involve diarrhea, or lactation while using the diuretics and digitalis medications. But the most important thing here is that magnesium can be restored – either in a natural way with all the foods mentioned previously offering it as one of their ingredients or in the form of a supplement.


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Apart from its amazing overall benefit to our body, magnesium has also been found to lower our cancer risk and heart disease as well as lowering our stress. It is also reducing our digestive problems. Magnesium increases our energy and allows us to think brighter and better.

Eating a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables or whole cuts of meal or taking it as a low-level supplement can help in our recovery issues, whether it is post-surgical recovery or an inflammation disorder, usually in the form of stressed ligaments or joint punctures. By consuming a diet of natural products with assistance from supplements containing magnesium, we will be able to live a much healthier life with quicker recovery.