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When is the Best Time to Run in Summer?

by | 29 Dec 2020 | running

With beautiful blue skies and the sun shining bright, training in summer is a great time to run. While it’s nice to get out there, it sure can get hot in Australia. Running offers many advantages, including increasing your fitness, and helping you to clear your mind. However, the positive effects also involve challenges. It’s easy to wonder, when is the best time to run in summer?


In the hot summer months, running is particularly demanding on our bodies. With a few tricks, you can train knowing you’re putting yourself in a better position.


Sweating and Hydration in Summer


Due to the higher temperatures in summer, sweat production is increased. Sweating is the body’s cooling process which is a good thing when it’s hot. The more runners sweat, the more water they need to consume to make up for the loss. Your body releases electrolytes, such as magnesium, through sweat. Also, because you sweat more in the summer, your body loses more of the electrolytes.


The lack of hydration and electrolytes can lead to dehydration. It’s important you replace the lost those electrolytes and rehydrate.


Therefore, drinking enough is extremely important. It would be best if you did this before, during, and after your run. Sports drinks such as Staminade powder mixed with water is a great option. By drinking the mixed Staminade powder with your water, you rehydrate and replace the lost electrolytes your body needs for allowing you to be at your best performance.

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When to go running in summer


There’s no denying it, Australia can get hot in Summer. Scorching hot at times! Try to escape the heat as cleverly as possible. As the temperature goes up, the load on your body increases. During summer, your body has to expend additional energy to cool you down and transport the heat away.


This means that your heart beats faster than at a comparable load in cooler temperatures. At the usual pace, the load on the body is therefore much higher. It must adapt to external influences.


You can do this by going running either early in the morning or late in the evening. The temperatures are more pleasant and safer than in the middle of the day. Going out for a run in the middle of the day is not recommended.


In the end, effective training in the summer is more likely to be gained by the adequate hydration. You help achieve this by supplying your body with enough water and electrolytes like magnesium – such as Staminade!  Be careful in hot temperatures, wear breathable clothing, and drink plenty to stay hydrated. These measures will help prevent you from dehydration.

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