1 Nov 2013

So we’ve got our Go Harder competition up and running and we’ve asked people to tell us how they’d spend $2000 to go harder in their chosen sport or physical challenge. 

The stories are rolling in, with people talking about their dreams of walking the Kokoda Trail, doing Tough Mudder next year, qualifying for the 2015 World Youth Games for Athletics, losing the kgs. Hefty goals – we salute you!

There have been some unexpected answers too. How about these for fitness goals:

  • Competing in the national rodeo grand finals
  • Going to the police academy
  • Building a six-plot vegetable garden

Inspired by these intrepid Australians and their summer wishlists, we’ve come up with our own set of unusual endurance feats. See what you think:

  • Endurance bikram mowing – cutting back 10 hectares in early January wearing a rubber suit
  • Christmas lunch eating challenge – going back for seconds, thirds and fourths, and not even having an afternoon nap
  • Doing Kokoda, after above Christmas lunch 

Did we nail it?

Team Staminade