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Water vs Powdered Sports Drinks

by | 8 Feb 2021 | sports drink

Healthy adults need between 8 and 10 cups of water each day to stay hydrated. Athletes or those enjoying outdoor activities, especially in the heat, may need more.

But while chugging plain water can help you hydrate, it may not do much else. Powdered sports drinks are a popular additive for athletes that promise to do more than just help you stay hydrated.


Does It Really Make A Difference?

If you’re wondering whether opting for a powdered sports drink really makes a difference, keep reading to find out.


Saving the Planet

Around 12.7 million tonnes of plastic winds up in our world’s oceans each year.

A large portion of this plastic is single-use bottles. This includes shampoo bottles, cleaning products, wrappers–and, of course, water bottles.

While grabbing a bottle of water or a bottled sports drink to rehydrate may seem convenient, that habit can have dangerous consequences for the planet.

Of course, you could fill up your favourite reusable water bottle with plain old H2O. But the addition of a scoop of powdered sports drink can have huge benefits.

If you’ve brought along a tub of your favourite electrolyte supplement powder, you might be more tempted to fill your reusable bottle and give it a shake rather than grabbing another plastic bottle of water that could wind up on the beach.

The Staminade powder tub, scoop and lid are all recyclable and can also be upcycled for other uses including drink coasters, a pot for plants, and many more ways!


Instant Energy

Staying hydrated helps to energise your muscles, which in turn gives your body the energy that it needs to move.

But if you’re staying hydrated regularly, rather than turning to rehydration, you aren’t likely to notice a difference in your energy levels when you chug a bottle of water.

Powdered sports drink is different.

Because you’ll mix it into the water, you’ll still get the long-term energy benefits of staying properly hydrated. But the ingredients in a good electrolyte drink will do even more.

Staminade contains two different types of sugar; sucrose and glucose.

The first is glucose. This sugar gives your body an instant boost of energy to help you power through a tough workout.

The second sugar is sucrose. Sucrose breaks down more slowly in your body, giving you energy that is sustained throughout the day. Whether you’re enjoying a full day outdoors or facing a lengthy race, this energy is key to keeping you going, even as soreness sets in.


Replenishing Your Body’s Magnesium Levels

When you’re sweating it out on the water, the road, the track, or the sand, your body rapidly loses a number of important electrolytes. One of the most important is magnesium.

Magnesium is essential for your body’s normal functions. It allows your body’s cells to utilise sugars that are then used to produce energy within your cells. Without this energy, your cells can’t operate at their optimum level of efficiency.

Your body does produce magnesium to replace what is sweat out. But this process takes time.

When you’re in a competition or race, you don’t have time to wait.

If you can’t replace the magnesium you’ve sweat out, your body will begin to suffer. One of the first side effects you’ll notice are muscle cramps.

Replacing your magnesium with the help of a sports drink can aid in muscle recovery. You won’t find magnesium in a bottle of plain water. It also isn’t found in most common pre-mixed sports drinks.

But a good powdered sports drink will feature magnesium lactate as one of its primary ingredients.

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It Tastes Better

Many people simply don’t like the taste of plain water.

With so many sodas, alcohols, juices, and other drinks easily available today, our taste buds are used to drinking delicious, sugary, flavoured beverages.

If you’re someone who prefers something with a tasty flavour to plain water, you might struggle to stay hydrated on water alone.

When you don’t like the taste, you’re unlikely to keep drinking.

It can take a lot of time, effort, and consistency to force yourself to remember to keep drinking water. If you daily, you may suffer from dehydration that can not only affect your performance but can also put you at risk of serious side effects.

A powdered add-in can instantly take your water from plain and boring to tasty. With a great taste, you’ll have no trouble remembering to keep on sipping and enjoying the benefits of both the water and the electrolyte supplement.


Improve Performance

From increased hydration to replenishing your magnesium levels, all of the perks of choosing a powdered sports drink over plain water have one big benefit; improved performance.

When your body has the electrolytes and sugars that it needs, it can perform better. Whether you’re just starting a workout or in the middle of a game, refuelling with the right beverage can instantly improve your performance, giving you more stamina and power to play better or run longer.

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Feel Better, Faster

Electrolyte drinks aren’t just great when you’re in a competition.

When you’re feeling under the weather, and especially if you’re finding yourself bent over a toilet, your body is losing essential electrolytes. Unfortunately, this will only make you feel worse.

Staying hydrated when you’re sick is important. But if you can replace those electrolytes, you can start feeling better faster.


Choosing the Right Powdered Sports Drink for You

Opting for a powdered sports drink over plain water can have a number of benefits. From faster recovery to a boost of energy, it’s an easy way to make your rehydration do more for your body and your workout.

Now that you know a few of the benefits of adding a powdered sports drink to your daily H2O, it’s time to try Staminade.

Our delicious, electrolyte-packed powder packs a powerful punch that can help you power through a workout, beat your competitors, or even recover faster when you’re feeling under the weather.

To try Staminade today, find a supplier in your area.

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