Stay Home Exercise Tips

by | 18 Apr 2020 | exercise

Many of us out there are probably having to adjust our training sessions at the moment to much more home-based workouts. Perhaps you’re loving it, or maybe it’s driving you crazy? There’s no arguing it comes with its pros and cons.

For starters, we’re probably more flexible in our training than ever before (not in the sense that our muscles are suddenly much looser in lockdown, that would be weird). Now we can pick and choose when we train; in the mornings, at lunch, in the evenings, maybe even in a wee afternoon break from work? But on the flip side, perhaps that increased flexibility and lack of rigidity/routine, can actually decrease motivation.

Regardless of how you’re finding things, here are a few tips to help you with your home training.


Create a Designated Workout Space

We may well have had to build a make-shift office in our homes over the last few weeks. Well, why not do the same for a gym? You don’t have to have a load of equipment it may just be a mat and a resistance band or two. But create a designated space for your workouts and keep it tidy and organised (clear workspace clear mind and all that jazz). It can help you to feel more in control of your workouts in a time when control isn’t always that easy to come by!


Warm Up and Cool Down

Now just because you’re not in a gym, in the pool, on a running track, or wherever you usually train, doesn’t give you an excuse not to warm up or cool down. Yep, it’s the boring police, here to keep you in check. But seriously, just because you might be about to do a session in your living room, or back garden, doesn’t mean you’re not going to punish your muscles. So, warm up and cool down as you normally would, this part of your training is one bit that shouldn’t change in isolation.


Mix Up Your Training

As you’ve probably seen, there is an (almost overwhelming) abundance of exercise classes available to stream online on YouTube or on apps. Take advantage of these and try out a load of different workouts to what you usually do. Not only will this help to keep things fresh and ‘fun’ (if you can call it that), but it will keep your body guessing and adapting, avoiding any fitness plateaus.

However, at the same time it’s also a good shout to have a handful of workouts committed to memory. This way, on those days you’re feeling less adventurous, you have a few go-to workouts ready and waiting to smash out.


Don’t Overdo It

It may well be frustrating that you can’t train as normal right now, but don’t over-compensate for it by over-doing it with the home workouts. You still need to listen to your body. If you’ve absolutely wrecked yourself by doing thousands of burpees (ouch!) then take it easy the next day. Many home workouts centre around bodyweight HiiT training, and whilst this is indeed a great form of exercise, the intensity can take its toll on the body if adequate rest and recovery is not taken. Mix in some slower days with a yoga session or two.


stay home exercise


Remember to Re-hydrate

You might not be exercising out in the sun and heat quite as much as normal, but hopefully you’re still working hard enough to break into a sweat. Therefore, you still need to be consciously rehydrating after workouts and throughout the days as well. And if you’re seriously committed to these home workout sessions, and you’re doing prolonged exercise over 60/90 minutes (good on ya!), then consider taking on an electrolyte sports drink as well in order to replenish electrolytes lost through excessive sweating.


You’ve probably got the gist of things now. But just because our exercise habits have most likely had to change while we’ve been staying home, it doesn’t mean we should be going about the principles of working out any differently. Exercise is hugely important in these times. Just remember, listen to your body and do what you feel is right. However, this most likely isn’t an excuse for 7 sofa days on the trot.


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