Surf Boat Rowing

Internationally celebrated for our beautiful coastlines and warm waters, it only makes sense that water sports are a large part of Australian culture. Most of us who are fortunate enough to live near the coast take advantage of the beautiful playground and participate in an endless amount of water related activities. Surf Boat Rowing, whilst not the most well-known water sport, is becoming a fast-growing sport in Australia. Four rowers and one sweep, taking on the ocean. It involves a combination of strength, skill and courage and is a thrill to watch.


Staminade is thrilled to have been a part of the Australian Surf Boat Rowing community for many years. Supporting such a great Australian sport, and helping it grow has been so rewarding. Therefore, we are thrilled to be announcing that Staminade will be the major sponsor for the Ocean Thunder Surf Boat Series 2017/2018.


Surfboats were the original rescue craft of Surf Life Saving in Australia. Today surf boat rowing is a highly competitive sport and makes for some entertaining and thrilling footage. Surf boat rowing is a progressive sport. The top crews are made up of highly elite sportsmen and sportswomen who must have not only strength but technique and surf skills. A Surf boat rowers training will involve weights and endurance training, as well as time in the boat. Elite crews will train anywhere from 8-10 sessions a week with many early morning sessions and weekends often spent traveling to various carnivals. Classified as an amateur sport, boaties are a group of committed athletes.


The Ocean Thunder Surfboat Series was started over a decade ago. The event is a high profile professional surf boat event restricted to only the most elite surf boat crews. 24 men’s crews and 12 women’s crews. The event is held in a break known for its rough condition. It is a spectacular event designed to showcase the iconic Australian sport of Surf Boat Rowing and the elite athletes that participate in the sport. The Ocean Thunder Series is a televised event putting a spotlight on this great sport and we are happy to be a part of it.