Images by kind permission of Holly Stanton Photographer.

In the lead-up to 2014’s Challenge Wanaka Triathlon, we’re following the gruelling training schedule of team Angry Birds. One swimmer, one cyclist and one runner, this team is pushing the boundaries of physical endurance. They came third in the all-female category last year – can they beat their current record in 2014? 

In preparation for last night’s celebrations, most of Australia was getting everything ready for the biggest party of the year.

But if you’re cycling 180km in just over two weeks time, there are bound to be a few extras to cram onto your to-do-list.

Team Angry Bird’s Julie-Anne tells us how she spent the final few days of 2013.

  • She ran an Olympic-distance triathlon event to raise money in aid of the Philippines Disaster and managed to raise over $2000 – congratulations! 
  • Her Christmas break was spent in the country. Instead of overindulging in rich food and afternoon naps, she distracted herself by horse riding and cycle training. Consequently, she probably feels far healthier than most of the nation! 
  • Back in the Big Smoke, with only 17 days until race day the training is really ramping up. Hitting national parks and highways, her rides have averaged 120km almost every day. To hit peak condition, she’s been doing a combo of hills, sprints and riding in a pack. 
  • New Year’s Eve’s ride was tough: 120km total, 40km of which was hills, hills and more hills. She said her legs were aching after, “Climbing what felt like Mt Everest!”

And how about right now?

With Staminade having fuelled every step, revolution and stroke of the way, she’s feeling fresh and party-ready… She’s been seeing in 2014 by dancing the night away and will enjoy a very well-deserved rest day today. Happy New Year Julie-Anne!

Julie-Anne is competing in Challenge Wanaka Triathlon later this month. 

Image by kind permission of Holly Stanton Photographer.