Can we tell you how great it’s been getting to know Kahlia Marsh, one of the runners-up in the Staminade Go Harder competition?

In her entry she told us: “I would love to compete at the Commonwealth Games trials. I’m a middle distance swimmer and Staminade helps me go the distance.  Distance is nothing new for me. I live in country Victoria and have travelled over 100kms just to get to a heated pool. Swimming upstream. Staminade could furnish my DREAMS!!”

When we got in touch with Kahlia to organise her prize, we found out how hard she works at her sport and her coaching. Here’s a typical day – and remember, she’s 18!

5.30am: Wake up, have breakfast

6.00 – 7.30am: Coaching – Junior Squad with the Bendigo Hawks

7.45 – 9.30am:  Training (prepare a water bottle and a bottle of Staminade)

9:30am:  Eat something in the car on the way to the gym

9.45 – 10.15am:  Gym session

10.30 – 2.30pm:  Work at Peak Fitness (sports administration)

3 – 3.40pm:  Powernap

4.00 – 5.00pm:  Coaching – Junior Squad with the Bendigo Hawks

5.00 – 6.30pm:  Training (water bottle and Staminade)

6.30 – 7.00pm:  Core session and Dry land

8.30pm: *sigh …sleep   : )

Impressed? Here’s Kahlia at last year’s School Sport Victoria awards. 

Recently she competed at the Victorian State Open Water Championships and won Gold in the 10km Open event and Silver in the 5km event.  

Kahlia often wears a pink cap to promote awareness for early detection of cancer, a subject matter close to her heart. “Two of my coaches have battled the disease” she says.  This article from the Geelong Advertiser gives a bit more detail about her efforts. And this story from The Northern Times shares some more achievements and goals. 

Kahlia now lives and trains in Geelong, having moved from rural Kerang in northern Victoria. 

“I love swimming,” Kahlia says. “I have remained swimming in country Victoria because I understand the difficulties associated with country swimming: the hardships and the big hearts of the kids who achieve despite many difficulties and become wonderful people.”

You’re pretty wonderful too actually Kahlia.

Hope to see you at a Commonwealth Games – and an Olympics – some time soon.

Team Staminade