We know that sports drinks are some of the most rigorously tested products on the consumer market.  But who’s on the front line making sure Staminade cuts it?

Introducing Indra Wati, QA (quality assurance) officer at the Staminade plant. She works in a team of four people – including a QA manager, QA specialist and two QA officers.

Around 50 batches of Staminade are created every month. Before the production line starts up, a QA officer creates a batch sheet to document the exact ingredients and batching procedure for each batch. These ingredients follow the formulation developed by our QA manager Daran and the specifications are created by David the QA specialist.  They’re the ingredients you see in the nutritional information panel on Staminade packaging.

At each CCP (critical control point) checks are carried out to make sure the product will meet standards.  For instance, a unique traceability code is created to show the day it’s made and its batch number.  Humidity and temperature must be at the correct levels before the blending starts up, and cleaning checks done to make sure the room and machinery are up to scratch. 

Allergen tests are also carried out to make sure Staminade is free from any allergen contamination.

Once the production is underway, sieves and magnets are used to ensure no foreign objects get into the mix; then the final product is tested for pH levels (correct levels of acidity/alkalinity), its Brix (sweetness) as well as sensory tests for taste and appearance.

That level of scrutiny is how we got Staminade HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) accredited, WQA (Woolworths Quality Assurance) accredited; it’s also stamped with SQF (Safe Quality Food) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). 

Well done Indra and the team, 
LYW (Love Your Work)

PS. Indra is also the customer service manager at Staminade, so if you have any questions, you can email her on customerservice@steric.com.au

Team Staminade