For the Love of Running

One of the things we love about our social media channels is being able to interact with all the Staminade fans across Australia. We love seeing all your posts about your sporting achievements and how Staminade keeps you hydrates, makes sure those cramps stay away and how much you love the taste. Over time, as you share more with us, we feel like we get to know you more and when we see your achievements, we share in those proud moments! We are there cheering you on also from afar, waiting for you to post your photos and tag us so we can see how you have gone. One such person who has been keeping us up to date with his running adventures is Frankie Palermo and we took the time to have a chat to him about his love of running.

Staminade: Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions Frankie. We love how you have been sharing your running adventures with us. When did you start and what is a bit of your background with running?

Frankie: Hello, first of all, thanks for asking me to give some information about my running. I have been running since the mid 90s, where I was umpiring local Aussie Rules footy for a junior league. After a few years, I joined a local senior league and started to umpire footy matches on Saturdays and Sundays. I was a Boundary umpire at the Victorian Amateur Football League for 11 years. I started entering in fun runs in 2004 which began at 4km distance (Spring Into Shape) and as each year passed I increased my distance.

In 2004 and 2005 I ran in the Melbourne Half Marathon and in 2006 I ran in my first Marathon, the Melbourne Marathon. Ever since 2006, I have run in Marathons and after my 5th Melbourne Marathon, I decided to try Ultra Marathons with the 56km distance at the Two Bays Trail Ultra Marathon. This was from Dromana to Cape Schanck and back to Dromana (an out-and-back course).

I enjoy running as it is a great way to clear my mind, be active and meet a wide variety of people that enjoy running as much as I do. In 2015, I joined a recreational running club based in the north-east suburbs of Melbourne called Diamond Creek Runners. The group consists of a variety of running abilities in terms of distance and speed and is a very welcoming club. Diamond Creek Runners has helped me a lot in my PB’s (personal bests) for the varied distances that I run.



Staminade: Tell us a bit more about some of the different running events you have done this year? How many have you participated in?

Frankie: So far in 2016, I have completed 7 Marathons, 2 of the Marathons were on the trails. I have also completed 3 Ultra Marathons, I have run Marathons in Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. Marathons which I have completed this year in Victoria, have been at Wangaratta, Bendigo and on the Surf Coast of Victoria, Surf Coast Trail Marathon (Torquay to Fairhaven).


Staminade: You run quite a lot! How does a normal training week look for you Frankie?

Frankie: 2015 was my final year of umpiring footy on weekends. That year I managed to run 4 Marathons and 2 Ultra Marathons last year. This year, in 2016, I have continued to umpire junior Aussie Rules footy on Sundays and do my Marathon training on Saturdays and during the week. Tuesdays and Thursday nights I run with Diamond Creek Runners. Saturday mornings I would run at parkrun (5kms) pace, would be dependent if I have an event coming up or if I have just run in an event. I also try and do some trail running to mix up my training as I find this helps me get quicker for the road events. During the warmer months I also add cycling and swimming.


Staminade: Where is your favourite place to run and why?

Frankie: I enjoy running in the Melbourne Marathon as it is in my home city and is held in the same month as my Birthday. I do also enjoy running on the road the most when I can and in the Dandenongs with the Dandenongs Trail Runners.


Staminade: How does Staminade help you with both your training and when running the at the events? What do you most love about Staminade?

Frankie: I have used a variety of different sport drinks over the years and started using Staminade when I saw a friend drinking it. I never knew Staminade before this. I drink Staminade before during and after my training runs and the same when I have an event on. I have found that I no longer get cramps in the legs since using Staminade. I enjoy the taste of Staminade and it does not cause me any stomach pains.