If you’re going to make a sports drink, you better understand how sporting people tick.

Cameron Brownie is a director at Steric Trading where Staminade is manufactured.  He’s charged with making sure there’s enough Staminade in production to meet sales forecasts.  He’s also a long-distance runner, and like many marathon men, he’s hooked.

“For the last seven to eight years I’ve been doing lots of events. I feel great every time I complete a run – even training runs. When I’m training for a marathon I’ll be doing 65-plus kilometres a week.”

That’s Cameron in the middle wearing the green singlet.

Starting out with a simple goal of wanting to improve his fitness, he’s now motivated by trying to beat his previous time at each event.

One of his fondest memories is the 2013 New York marathon – he qualified via a half marathon he’d run in 2011; with the 2012 event cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy, he had to wait until 2013 to tackle the big apple.
“It is incredible the support you get and just how many people turn out to watch it,” he says. “The course goes through the five boroughs of the city and finishes in Central Park, so it’s a fantastic course.”

His next big goal is to finish the Gold Coast marathon in under three hours. If he’s successful it will be his first marathon time under three hours.

How does he use Staminade?  “I use it consistently through the warmer months, for replacing lost salts. The slightly salty taste is really thirst quenching after a run. Through summer I’ll drink before, during and after running. In winter it tends to be during longer training runs – plus the small amount of sugar helps boost energy.”

What do other runners say about Staminade?  “They generally say they love the flavour – it seems less sweet than the other sports drinks.  They also say it’s the original and they’ve been using it a long time.”

Which needless to say makes him pretty happy to be associated with Australia’s original sports drink.

Team Staminade