20 Professions that Hydrate with Staminade

Water is essential for our survival, particularly if our profession involves working in high temperatures. If there is an imbalance between water levels entering and leaving our body, dehydration can occur. Even with very mild dehydration we can encounter headaches, dizziness, lethargy and a general lack of alertness.

However, water replacement is not enough. As we sweat, we lose electrolytes in addition to water. Electrolytes are chemicals that form electrically charged particles (ions) in body fluids; these ions carry the electrical energy necessary for many functions, including muscle contraction and the transmission of nerve impulses. So, to be able to work at our peak, no matter what our job, we must be constantly replacing water levels as well as electrolytes. Working in the heat in a country like Australia is particularly brutal and draining, and there are plenty of professions that encounter potentially dangerous temperatures and need to ensure they stay hydrated.


1. Gardener

Most of us are shattered after just an afternoon on our hands and knees tending to our garden. But gardeners are outside all day every day, facing the brunt of the heat!



2. Chef & Kitchen Hand

Chefs somehow manage to cook wonderful food (hopefully!) in often unbearably hot conditions. Long hours, short breaks, surrounded by flames; dehydration is a real threat.


3. Electrician

Electricians are constantly working with machines that, due to a fundamental law of thermodynamics, emit heat energy as a waste product. Consequently, sweating is a big aspect of an electrician’s day!


4. Roofer

Like gardener, roofers are facing the brunt of the heat outside all day every day.  There is often little shade up on the roof tops meaning no escape from the heat!


5. Construction Worker

Construction is another outdoor profession that often exposes workers to the sun for hours on end. This, combined with hard manual work, makes the threat of dehydration very real.


6. Lifeguard

Long hours spent looking out for any distressed beach or pool goers allows plenty of time for the sun’s rays to have an adverse effect. Whilst helping us to stay safe, lifeguards could well be at risk themselves of dehydration!



7. Miner

While not necessarily exposed to the sun, miners can face some of the toughest working conditions around. Working underground, with little through breeze to help cool down, operating heavy machinery, mining is certainly up there as one of the most at risk professions to dehydration.


8. Fruit & Vegetable Picker

Food. We all love it, and we couldn’t live without it. Fruit and vegetable pickers operate an integral part of this process – deciding when our glorious food is actually ready for picking and eating. With long hours outside on their feet and knees, and enduring the full sun, the heat can easily take its toll.


9. Wildlife Carers & Park Rangers

Our park rangers do a fantastic job of protecting and preserving our parklands, especially considering the tough physical conditions that many of our parks offer. Whilst you do such a good job of looking out for our landscape and wildlife, it’s just as important that you take the time to look after yourself as well.


10. Window Cleaners

If you’ve ever tried to give your own windows at home a scrub, you’ll know that cleaning windows is a lot more tiring than it sounds. Yet our window cleaners are in the sun day in day out, and sometimes even working at terrifying heights to clean the windows on tall buildings!


11. Factory Worker

Working on your feet on the factory floor for long periods can take its toll in the Australian summer if the factory is not adequately air conditioned and workers do not monitor their intake of fluids.



12. Farmer

Again, heavily responsible for putting food on our plates, we have to give our farmers the respect they deserve, especially when working outside all year round, often in unbearably hot conditions.


13. Bus & Delivery Driver

Think how hot your car gets on a scorcher of a day. Well our bus and delivery drivers deal with this heat for hours on end each day, and yes while air conditioning may be present, it can still be unbearable inside a vehicle all day!


14. Bar, Café & Restaurant Worker

You may think it doesn’t sound like the toughest of jobs, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Making coffee, working behind a bar, or waiting on tables can be extremely hot work in the Australian summer. Think of how many steps someone on the floor of a restaurant takes in a single shift and that will get you understanding a bit more!


15. Outdoor Tour Guide

All the outdoor tour guides across Australia, we haven’t forgotten you! You’re so busy making sure all the tourists are having a good time, it’s so easy to forget to look after yourself! Long hours on your feet, in the sun, you feel the heat bearing down. Be sure to stay hydrates – it’s also refreshing after talking so much!


16. Fishermen

Yes, the wind at sea may help to cool our fisherman down, but being exposed to the sun’s rays for long periods with so little shade can have serious consequences if adequate precautions aren’t taken.


17. Welder

Think of the temperatures needed to be able to melt metal. Our welders are constantly working with these extreme temperatures, and in protective gear that is sure to make you sweat!


18. Beekeeper

Helping to produce our precious honey, beekeepers are probably given less credit than they deserve, especially when we think how unbearable wearing all that gear would be in Australia’s high temperatures!


19. Archaeologist

Australian archaeologists have a tougher job than you would probably imagine; searching, digging, excavating, in locations that often include little shade.

20. Firefighter

The heat our firefighters have to endure in challenging conditions is something many can only imagine. Close proximity to raging fires, out in the harsh Australian sun, in heavy, thick protective gear; this profession may take the title as most ‘sweat inducing’ of all!


The list could go on! The more our core body temperature rises, the more we sweat. Not only do we lose water through our sweat, but electrolytes as well, both of which must be replaced as soon as possible. One of the most important electrolytes lost through sweat is magnesium; a multi-tasking mineral that is necessary for nearly every chemical process and for the functioning of every system in the body. Thankfully, Staminade contains added magnesium to help you replenish stores lost through sweating while working. Staying hydrated is important so your mind is operating well and your decisions are not impaired. So, be smart, stay hydrated and replace those lost electrolytes and fluids, and ensure you’re working safely!


Your profession not listed? Share with us in the comments!