10 reasons running is good for you

10 Reasons Running is Good for You

by | 15 Jun 2020 | running

Maybe you’re scarred from being forced to run cross country or on the track at school, or perhaps the idea of going for a jog has just never really done anything for you? That’s fair enough, but the beautifully simple activity that is running can bring many more benefits than helping to keep the waistline trim. So, here are 10 reasons running is good for you.


1. Running Clears Your Head

Running can really help to clear your head. Now, if you’re not a runner it might seem like last thing you’d want to do is to go on a run if you’re not in a good headspace. However, we recommend trying it. A run round the block for 20 minutes or half an hour can provide you with the space and clarity you need and help you to make decisions.


2. Running is an Easy Way to Stay Fit

No matter where you are you can almost always squeeze a run in; be it on the side of roads, along the beach, up a mountain trail or along a riverbank. The accessibility of running and the lack of equipment that it requires is one of its greatest strengths, so no excuses!


3. Running Has Variety

Alongside the accessibility of running, comes the variety of running. You can tailor your run to your training purposes: longer, slower runs can help to build up your stamina, while sprints or hill sprints can help with strength, speed and overall fitness levels. Mix it up, do a bit of all sorts. The more you mix it up the less likely you are to get bored, and at the same time the less likely you are to enter into a fitness plateau. 


4. Running Tests You Physically & Mentally

It’s a great way to test yourself, not just physically but mentally as well. Set goals or enter an event. You can push yourself to your limits in terms of speed or endurance. You can also test your motivation levels as you train towards these goals.


5. Running Provides Alone Time

Running can provide you with some much-needed alone time. If you’re not in the mood to interact with others, why not take yourself out on a little run? The rhythmic pounding of your feet on the ground can be almost hypnotic. It’s a chance to enjoy your own company with no possible distractions. that is of course unless you bump into someone you know…


social running


6. Running Can Be Social

If you’re much more of a social butterfly, then running can actually be quite a nice way to spend time with others. Go on a run together, and you’ll get your exercise done at the same time as having a chat! But most importantly, make sure you reward yourselves afterwards with a coffee and a treat. Otherwise, what’s the point.


7. Running and Exploring

Running can be a great way to explore areas. Both new places you’re travelling to, as well as parts of your own neighbourhood you may have never taken the time to visit before. Pushing yourself to run in a different direction each time you run can help you to find some hidden gems you wouldn’t ordinarily come across.

8. Runnings Helps You Stay Young

Running can help to keep you young. As we age we naturally lost muscle mass. Hence why Arnold Schwarzenegger is no longer the giant he once was (though not far off!). But through continuing to utilise and challenge your muscles you can slow this muscle-loss process down.


9. Running is Good for Your Heart

Even if you’re just committing to an easy jog for 5-10 minutes each day, you’re helping to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. The more your run the more you’re helping to decrease your resting heart rate, and the lower your resting heart rate the less hard your heart is having to work.


10. Running Makes You Feel Good

Again, if you’re not into running, it might sound like the last thing going for a run will make you feel! But seriously, ever heard the phrase ‘runner’s high’? Well, it’s real. When you run your brain releases endorphins which in effect are the ‘feel good’ chemical that can positively affect your mood.


So, there’s 10 reasons to give running a go, and there are plenty more out there. If you’re still not convinced well, you’ll just have to give it a try. You don’t need to suddenly start running marathons each weekend, but there’s no harm in starting out small and seeing where you end up.


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