Staminade Wild Berry Sports Drink Powder Tub




Wild Berry Staminade powder is a tasty fresh flavour of our Australian electrolyte drink. With great fruity flavours and not too sweet, it is a great when you are looking to quench your thirst.

Did you know Staminade is Gluten Free? Thats right! All flavours of Staminade Powder are Gluten Free.

Check out our original flavour LEMON LIME or our fresh flavour, HYDRATE REDUCED SUGAR 25%*

Wild Berry flavour is available at Woolworths across Australia, along with Lemon Lime Flavour.

Lemon Lime and Staminade Hydrate 25% reduced sugar Orange Powdered Sports Drink tubs


Are you a fan of Wild Berry flavour Staminade powder?


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  1. Hung nguyen

    Can i buy this product in usa?
    If yes, give me the location or webstie of the place

    • s t a m i n a d e

      Hi Hung, Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, you cannot buy Staminade in USA.

  2. Japhy

    I didn’t believe in God, then I drank wild berry rush flavoured Staminade. Amazing new addition to the Staminade family. I’ve replaced my breastfeeding infants milk with this new flavour because it’s so great! Awesome stuff, Staminade!


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