Are you part of the Australian surf boat rowing community, or looking to get into the sport?

It is a sport that requires strength, endurance, perseverance and places great importance in preparation, training and nutrition. Fuelling your body and recovery are key in Surf Boats like most sports.

Drinking the right sports drinks will ensure you maintain good hydration, allowing you to hold a high work performance for longer. The electrolytes and magnesium found in Staminade Sports Drink play a vital role in your bodies recovery process.

It’s not just a question of going out there and pushing your body to the max. You need to take the correct precautionary measures to ensure that your body can perform at peak for sustained periods. Understanding how to build up endurance and stamina helps immensely with surf boat rowing, and of course, staying healthy in the process.

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Surf Boat Rowing Preparation
Carbohydrates are the vital fuels needed by your body to sustain exercise performance. One form of classification of carbohydrates is through the Glycemic Index. The Glycemic Index classifies foods according to their rate of digestion and increase of blood glucose levels. Several houses before workout low GI or complex carbohydrates should be consumed to maximise your muscle glycogen stores (stored energy in muscles) for energy supply during exercise. Most people don’t focus too much attention on preparation before strenuous exercise, however, you know much better. Feed your body with plenty of carbs and protein which is essential to promote muscle repair.
Fuel for on the Water
Thankfully, sports science has progressed significantly over the past few decades, people can now train harder and longer with boosted effectiveness and body efficiency applying the best techniques. Hypo-hydration (total body water below normal) affects the body’s ability to regulate heat resulting in increased body temperature and an elevated heart rate. Perceived exertion is increased causing you to feel more fatigued than usual at a given work rate. You can also notice that mental function is also reduced which directly influences motor control, decision making and concentration. By drinking enough fluids, you can maintain your concentration and focus. Fluid requirements vary remarkably between people, and of course, body size, fitness levels, intensity and genetics also factor into the equation.
Recovery and rest to boost your overall mood and performance calculates into the equation too. Your body can only perform as well as you treat it. So many people get injured unnecessarily by exerting their body beyond the limits. Overtraining and not enough stretching will put too much stress on the body. Stretching after your rigorous workout will help your body relax and deeply rest which in turn allows you to put in the same energy and effort at the next opportunity. Fluid replacement plans will differ according to the person and intensity of exercise. Sport drinks like Staminade will help fuel your body with electrolytes for full recovery, and magnesium is also important too. With proper hydration and recovery, you can take your surf boat rowing to another level of sustained performance.