A Great Way to Use Empty Staminade Tubs


Staminade cares for the environment, that’s why Staminade Tubs are created to be 100% recyclable. However, if you aren’t ready to part ways with your Staminade tub just yet, why not try up-cycling your container into common everyday products

As Staminade lovers, we all know that hollow and sad feeling that we experience when we discover we have finished off the last bit of powder from our Staminade tub. Why not try giving your empty Staminade tub a makeover and up-cycle the Lid into customised drink coasters.



What you will need:

Staminade Lid
Pen or Pencil
Patterned Material of choice


Step 1:

Take the Staminade lid, pen or pencil and the patterned material of choice. Place the Staminade lid up the correct way; place the material of choice on top of the lid upside down (to protect the pattern from any marks) and with the pencil trace out the lid shape.


Step 2:

Once the circle shape has been drawn on the material. Take the scissors and cut out the circle.


Step 3: (Optional)

If the material you have chosen is not waterproof /water resistant, laminate it now. This is to ensure the coaster is durable and will last when the condensation from your cold glass of Staminade hits it. Once laminated, take the scissor and cut out the circle coaster shape.


Step 4:

With the Glue, place 3 generous drops in the old Staminade lid, and then stick the patterned material to the lid (patterned side up). Press firmly down to secure. Allow 10 minutes to dry (or the specified time on your glue).


Step 5:

Get yourself so more of your favourite Staminade flavour.


Step 6:

Make yourself a cold refreshing glass of your favourite Staminade and revel in your creative genius.


Don’t forget to show off your unique, up-cycled Staminade coasters. Your friends and family will be begging you for some of their own.

What other everyday products can you create with your empty Staminade tubs?