Get Ready for Staminade Quenchers!

The first Staminade Quenchers OT qualifier event is fast approaching and one for those involved in surf boat rowing to get excited about! All four rounds will be held on the Gold Coast, with Palm Beach host to the first round on Saturday 31 October. Surfers Paradise will host round 2 on 5 December, with Tugun playing host to rounds 3 and 4 on 19 December and 16 January. The qualifiers are divided up into two divisions – open men and open women, and is set to be an exciting competition.

Each winner of a Staminade Quenchers OT qualifier event will represent Staminade Qld at the subsequent Ocean Thunder competition in Sydney. A fantastic subsidy of $2,000 will be paid to each winning crew.

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Staminade Quenchers OT Qualifier Events

Event Dates

Round 1: Palm Beach – 31 October
Round 2: Surfers Paradise – 5 December
Round 3: Tugun – 19 December
Round 4: Tugun – 16 January


Open men and open women

Format of Racing

Start time: 7.45 am
Finish time: 10.45 am (or upon completion of 6 rounds)

– Heats will be drawn up on the day prior to each qualifier event.

– The course will be the same as set for Ocean Thunder (usually a little shorter than a championship course).

– Each heat will have a dry finish.

– The overall winner of each qualifier event shall be determined by aggregation of points. There will be no final.


To be eligible, all crews must have entered the Navy Series and paid the prescribed entry fee.

Entries for all qualifier events must be made through SLSQ carnival manager – surfguard.


– Each winner of a Staminade Quencher OT qualifier event will represent Staminade Qld at the subsequent Ocean Thunder competition in Sydney. A subsidy of $2,000 will be paid to each winning crew.

– All crews must dress their boat with a Staminade bow decal to be supplied.
NOTE: Club/crew sponsors can be featured on the boat hull BUT the bow position must be reserved for the Staminade decal in recognition of the sponsorship and for TV coverage.

– Each crew will be supplied with Ocean Thunder official racing/beach apparel.

– All prize money will be calculated at the end of 4 rounds of Ocean Thunder. The total amount will be divided equally to successful Staminade Quencher qualifying crews (men and women separated).

– Where a qualifying event is held in conjunction with another competition (i.e. Palm Beach/Navy) it will be run first.

– Crews that have purchased Ocean Thunder licences may compete in the qualifying events but they will be ineligible to represent Staminade Qld.

– All crews must complete the 6 heats of a qualifying event. Non-compliance will result in disqualification from competing in the next round.

– The event referee will have the final say on the competition program and course, having regard to the conditions on the day.


Be sure to keep an eye on the Staminade Quenchers Facebook page for all the latest news and photos.