Ready for an epic journey into the electrolytic world of sports drinks?  Itching to know more about the people behind Staminade – and how Australians are using Staminade to go harder?  We thought so.

Starting this week, exercise physiologist, nutritionist and author Kathleen Alleaume is blogging for us. She’ll be giving her expert advice on things like water versus sports drinks, electrolytes, avoiding dehydration and which are the thirstiest sports – for starters.  If you’ve got feedback, fire away.

We’ve also got some Staminade stories: the people behind the brand behind the drink.

And we’ll hear from some serious fitness fanaticstoo – what their summer goals are, and what their plans are for getting there, including the role sports drinks play.

Join us for summer 2013 – it’s going to be a sweaty, energetic, sports drink fest.

Isotonically yours,

Team Staminade