Q&A with Jess Pratt – Sydney Uni Women’s Cycling Team

by | 28 Feb 2019 | cycling

Introducing Cyclist Jess Pratt

Cyclist Jess Pratt has joined the team at Sydney Uni Women – Staminade for 2019 and continues her love of cycling she started at a young age. We had a chat to Jess about cycling in our latest Q&A.

Staminade: How did your love of cycling begin?

Jess: Through Triathlon… Growing up I watched my Dad race many triathlons, and he was always up early to head out training on the bike. I wanted to be just like him. Did my first triathlon at 7 years old, however after a few years I decided that the swimming part was no fun. Joined the local cycling club at 11 years old and have been cycling ever since!


Staminade: What are your top 5 tips for young aspiring cyclists?

JessFive tips for young cyclists…

  1. Have fun!
  2. Work hard
  3. Set goals
  4. Maintain balance in life on and off the bike
  5. Dream big

Cycling Success and Goals


Staminade: What has been your greatest success to date?

Jess: Probably my UCI stage win in the tour of Ardeche in France! Although then again, representing Australia at the Junior world road championships was pretty special!

Staminade: What’s your ultimate cycling goal?

Jess: To work hard and see where I can go in cycling.

Staminade: Who was your role model as an aspiring cyclist?

Jess: Would be very hard to mention 1 person!


Staminade: What’s your pre-event routine?

Jess: Nothing too special! Hopefully a good night’s sleep the night before, a good breakfast, and a strong coffee!


Training as a Cyclist


Staminade: How does a typical training week look for you?

Jess: Generally, Mondays and Fridays are easier days. Mid-week is usually some high intensity efforts, with the weekends reserved for getting the hours in!

Staminade: Favourite part of training?

Jess: I just love being on my bike! Such an addictive sport, although racing is pretty cool also!


Staminade: Hardest part of training and how you overcome the challenge?

Jess: Probably the fatigue that it brings. At the end of a hard training block, it can begin to be more a mental than physical battle to hit the numbers and hours required. Combined with juggling work, uni, and just life in general it can be a bit of a balancing act at times.

Staminade: What’s your favourite flavour of Staminade?

Jess: Wild Berry Rush


Staminade: Staminade’s tagline is ‘First Aid for Thirst’, what does this mean to you?

Jess: After a long hot summer of racing, I am extremely grateful that Staminade was on board to support the team. When it’s hot on the bike, Staminade definitely gives you the edge on your competitors.