Q & A With Triathlete, Ineke Moyle

Having previously been more of a runner, Ineke has over the last few years focused in on triathlon and has an IRONMAN 70.3 in her sights this year.


Staminade: I understand you were always more of a runner, what sparked your interest in triathlon?

Ineke: “That’s right – I’ve been a runner for as long as I can remember.  I think what sparked my interest in triathlon though was taking a job with a well-known triathlon apparel brand about 5 years ago.  Representing the brand at events and having triathlon clubs as customers gave me a close up look at the sport and I was fascinated from the get go!”


Staminade: How does a normal training week look for you?

Ineke: “It really varies depending on whether we’re in the tri season – which for us is October through to the end of April – or the off season. Having said that, the off season means a shift of focus rather than doing nothing – I run more and will pick out two or three half marathons to do. I’m just back from 2 weeks in the US and have about 2 months now till the national age group duathlon championships so it’s time to knuckle down!  I’d say that a good week of training is getting in three swims, three rides and three runs.”


Staminade: Which is your favourite/least favourite out of the three events and why?

Ineke: “My favourite is probably the run because it comes most easily to me but also because I’m continuing to improve even in my forties.  I ran my first sub two-hour half marathon earlier this year which was pretty pleasing.  The leg I find most challenging – I hesitate to say least favourite – is the swim and that’s pretty typical of a lot of triathletes!  Open water swimming is very different to being in a pool but I’m slowly getting more comfortable with it.  Last week while I was in California I took the opportunity to have a one on one swim session in the Pacific Ocean with a renowned swim coach.  It was a pretty special experience!”


Staminade: We understand you completed the Busselton half-iron! How did you find it? Did it make you want to attempt another/or even a full iron?

Ineke: “I did do IRONMAN 70.3 Western Australia last December, yes, and also IRONMAN 70.3 Mandurah the year before.  I worked my way up to doing half distance triathlons slowly with probably three years of being in teams before I had the confidence to go it alone.  I think perhaps doing my first marathon in 2014 showed me that anything is possible.  I’ll definitely be back in Busselton this December to do with the 70.3 again and I feel like the full IRONMAN distance is beckoning for December 2018 – watch this space!”

Staminade: What is it that you love so much about triathlons/training for triathlons?

Ineke: “Triathlon as a sport is both challenging but achievable for almost everyone with different distances on offer and the option of participating as part of a team.  I also love the triathlon community and have met some wonderful people along the way that have become great friends.  The variety that comes with training for three sports is pretty great and definitely keeps things from getting stale. There’s plenty of benefits from the training itself, both physical and mental, and I couldn’t imagine it not being part of my life.”


Staminade: How does Staminade help you with both your training and when competing at the events? What do you love most about Staminade?

Ineke: “Staminade is my go-to hydration choice for any longer training sessions – say, rides or runs of over an hour – or whenever it’s hot and you need to be conscious of staying hydrated.  In an event, I’ll carry Staminade on my bike so that I can be self-sufficient and not rely upon stopping for whatever hydration product might be on offer on course – I like to know that I have my Staminade!  I find the taste of Staminade really works for me – I never get tired of it even on the longest rides or runs – and the fact that it has magnesium in it is a plus as well.”


Staminade: What is your favourite recipe involving Staminade?

Ineke: “In summer I’m a fan of throwing coconut Staminade, fresh strawberries, water and ice into a blender – that’s a pretty magic combination post-training!”


Staminade: Did you use Staminade before you began triathlons? Back when you were more of a runner?

Ineke: “I did, I’ve been doing longer running events for a while now, most often half marathons but even up to the full marathon, and you really need to be conscious of replenishing what you sweat out when you’re training for those events.  For any run of an hour plus I’ll carry Staminade with me – I wouldn’t be without it.”

Staminade: Clearly your passion is triathlon now, what would you say to any young kids looking to start out in the sport?

Ineke: “I’d say definitely give tri a go – there are so many events these days to suit kids and teenagers with a variety of distances and formats.  Look online for the season calendar for your state or ask at your school or local triathlon club to see if there’s a triathlon program on offer.”



You can find Ineke over on Instagram – @ineke_123