Meet Sydney Uni Velo Cyclist Matheus Pintaude

by | 4 Sep 2019 | Australian Sport Blog, cycling, Sydney Uni Velo

Introducing Sydney Uni Velo cyclist Matheus Pintaude. Originally from Brazil, we asked Matheus about his cycling, inspiration and more in our latest Q&A.


Staminade: How did your love of cycling begin?

MP: When I watched for the first time the Tour de France.


Staminade: What are your top 5 tips for young aspiring cyclists?


  1. Drink water every 15 min
  2. Look after your bicycle 
  3. Eat
  4. Sleep 
  5. Repeat 


Sydney Uni Velo cyclist Matheus Pintaude


Matheus’ Successes and Goals


Staminade: What has been your greatest success to date?

MP: When I came to Australia I rode to Canberra with no stopping. 320km


Staminade: What’s your ultimate cycling goal?

MP: Keep riding and making friends and having a good time with my clubmates.


Staminade: Who was your role model as an aspiring cyclist?

MP: Fabian Cancellara.


Staminade: What’s your pre-event routine?

MP: Coffee.

Sydney Uni Velo cyclist Matheus Pintaude


Staminade: How does a typical training week look for you?

MP: Hard, and harder. I’m getting old – 28 years old.


Staminade: Favourite part of training?

MP: Hills.


Staminade: Hardest part of training and how you overcome the challenge?

MP: Descending. I’m trying to improve my skills.


Staminade: What’s your favourite flavour of Staminade?

MP: Wild Berry Rush


Staminade: Staminade’s tagline is ‘First Aid for Thirst’. What does this mean to you?

MP: When I need a drink, and real hydration, I know Staminade will be there!!


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