In 2005 Staminade launched a concentrate in 750ml bottles.  But it wasn’t enough!  That product has now been discontinued and in September this year we launched a one-litre version.

We thought we’d share with you these pics of the first ever batch of Staminade lemon lime fusion concentrate being produced in one-litre bottles.  They came off the production line on 24 September 2013. 

First stop: the labelling machine which – surprise, surprise! – is putting the labels on the empty bottles before they go to the filling station.

Next stop is the state-of-the-art liquid filling machineWithin this impressive glass box 12 filling nozzles automatically fill the bottles with product and cap them as they pass through the machinery.  It also weighs them – any underweight product is automatically rejected. 

Once the bottles are filled, labelled and dated they’re ready to go into their boxes. This machine you see below is the automated case packer. 

When they’ve finished here they continue on the conveyers to the palletiser where the boxes are labelled and shrink-wrapped.

So that’s the story of Staminade one-litre concentrate.

It’s the only sports drink concentrate you’ll find in your Woollies – researched, developed, manufactured and distributed by Steric Trading in Australia.  Enjoy!

Team Staminade