5 Tips to Help Stick to Your Training

by | 15 Mar 2019 | sport

We’re well into the year now, and the whole ‘new year new me’ motivation may well be long gone. Training is tough, especially when you’re looking to push yourself each and every day to maximise your progress. It’s not easy getting out of bed each morning. Knowing that you’re about to sweat your heart out, or leaving work and heading to the gym or out for a run instead of just going home to relax can be daunting. So, good on ya for trying it in the first place. Here are our Top 5 Tips to Help Stick to Your Training and keep motivation levels high.


Top 5 Training Tips


1. Train with a Partner

Firstly, it gives you accountability. Now, if you don’t show up for training you’re not just letting yourself down. You’re letting your friend down. Yep, that old trick. But it works! Plus, the healthy competition that comes from training alongside others can help to push you to your limits. Something that you may not achieve simply by training all on your one.


2. Plan Until Your Heart’s Content

If you have a plan, it’s easy to identify if you’re on track. Without a plan, it’s easy to lose sight of where you’re at. If you don’t know what kind of workout you’re about to do before you arrive at the gym, or before you put on your helmet to go out for a ride, then you’re not going to get the most out of your training. Set a goal, make a plan, commit to the plan. Plan your week, plan your session, and if you’re really serious, plan your meals. Plus, you get the ever-so-satisfying task of ticking training sessions off once you’ve completed them. For the most organised amongst us out there who love a good list, if that’s not motivation then what is?


3. Don’t Over-Commit Yourself

Yes, it’s crucial to set yourself a challenging goal. Your training sessions should challenge you in order to produce results. However, don’t over-do it. If you’ve only ever run 10km before, don’t set yourself a goal of running 20km in your first training week. No good will come from this. Be realistic with yourself. No, it’s not an excuse to run for five minutes and then put your feet up for the rest of the day! But there is a fine line between challenging yourself and over-doing it. Find that balance.


4. Spice Things Up

Consistency is crucial. When we say mix things up, we don’t mean how about not training for a while. If you’re getting bored on the bike, in the pool or in the gym, change the way you’re training. Add in some intervals, or some pool floats to focus on your legs or arms, or try bodyweight workouts for a while instead of weights. And try changing up your music, increase the tempo. There are other songs out there than the Rocky soundtrack you know…


5. Cross-Train for the Gain

If you’re pursuing just one sport, then try some cross-training to bring in some variety. Not only will it change the scene, it will help to keep your body guessing. There’s nothing worse than reaching a plateau in your training. So, by introducing different sports, you can bring in new movements whilst still training the same muscles. Rowing for instance, is a great way for cyclists to cross-train. There are oceans of weird and wonderful sports out there, see what tickles your fancy.


Motivation is everything. Even the world’s leading athletes occasionally need a helping hand to just keep on going and putting that work in. If you’re struggling, hopefully these few tips can help wake your motivation from its temporary nap. Keep grinding on and making those gains!


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