Coconut Water is Staminade’s newest flavour of electrolyte sports drink powder. Refreshing tropical taste perfect for keeping you hydrated in the warm weather.

Did you know Staminade is Gluten Free? Thats right! All flavours of Staminade Powder are Gluten Free.

Check out Wild Berry Rush or our original flavour Lemon Lime


Have you tried our newest flavour of Staminade powder Coconut Water?

Let us know what you think.


  1. Sally

    Please bring the Coconut Water variety back. It was the best variety you’ve ever done. Absolutely delicious and with the added bonus of not being a lurid colour.

    • s t a m i n a d e

      We loved it too Sally and if we can secure a stockist, we would love to have it back too!

  2. Sari

    I’m a huge fan of the Coconut Water Staminade! I’ve tried it with cold still water, sparkling water, hot water and even mixed it with the green Staminade – all are so good! I am using staminade more now because of the flavour and use it if i’m feeling a bit run down, tired or if I need a pick up in the afternoon. Gets rid of headaches every time. Thanks Staminade 🙂

  3. Robert Reid

    The best I’ve tryed so far …… I do like the lemon like but now I will be buying this one from now on it don’t leave a nasty taste at back of throat like coconut water in cans and bottles staminate coconut water powder it’s a yes please from me

  4. JordyRC

    I have been a fan of the Lemon Lime Staminade for years now and I only tried the Coconut for the first time last week. It didn’t beat the old trusty Lemon Lime for me but I tried the two together and it was awesome! I would definitely recommend trying the combo of Lemon Lime and Coconut for anyone who likes Staminade.


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